Wednesday, July 11, 2012

first blog back and don't it feel gooood to me :)

stephaniekanderson: (via lizawitha-z)

so... lots has happened in between this time frame hahaha.


This is really awkward for me cause my life plan ended ( see above photo^ ) here haha. 

 My life now consists of 3 questions.

1.  "tell me about your mission!" or "so how was it!?" ---- My mission meant everything to me. the people in Colorado mean everything to me and I miss it every single stinkin day. It was hard but I wouldn't trade ANY of it for ANYTHING. and and... I hope my banner is still clear that I BELIEVE IN CHRIST. 

B. "how are you adjusting?"---- hahaha my favorite... well... lets be real here... its hard and weird and i feel like i'm weird but I think i'm "adjusting" well... I guess :) ha. The simple pleasures of life are so AMAZING. ex: taking a 30 min shower at **MIDNIGHT** just cause I can and wanna :) 

2. "so what are your plans?"--- so far... my plan is to make a plan ha. attending school in the fall for currently a nursing degree. we will see how long that lasts :) at the University of Utah... we will also see how long that lasts haha. anywhoo... i'm lovin it. 

welp.... its a lot different here in the 801. I'm a lot different here in the 801 but as the inspirational above quote says... " the only constant is change." and I'm gonna make mine positive. 

iLOVEyou all. 

- cj*christina jane* chris* sister gilson* ceej* gilly* g-money orrrrrrrr just plain *christina :) 


  1. You cute little blogger you! So happy! Love you! Thanks for the inspiring message :)

  2. i love you so much to death and back. you are soooo amazing cj!! I'm so glad you're home. I've seen you negative 5 times this month. what the? hate that. i'm almost done with my internship and after I am, I'll be free after 4 every day!!!! party party party. love you.

  3. Nice to have you back, CJ! Welcome to the 801! And good luck at the U. :)

  4. love this christinks! miss you so much- blog more so i can stay updated on you! or better me one of these days so we can chat! hope school is going well- love you!

  5. CJ I'm checking out blogs again and came across yours. I can amen this post- that's all people ask me either. Its whatever. haha Hope you're doing great!