Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christina-isms or Quotes From the Field

2/21/11 - 3/14/11

I’m going greenie tracting today and taking the new sisters out who are coming today... can't believe that was me 6 weeks ago... it feels like forever ago... and it was really only 6 wks ha. anyway... please pray for the new elders and sisters coming out... my heart aches for the next couple of weeks for them.

______'s baptism and friendship continues to be an incredible blessing to me. she wrote me a note last week and thanked me so much and seriously it is the best feeling in the world. I read a quote this weekend that completely fits " if you want to make a friend for life share your time. If you want to be friends for eternity share your time and the gospel." I know I will be friends with Alicia for eternity. I wish you could meet her. you will someday :) She seriously is incredible.

I am so overwhelmed with how good the Lord is to me. Constantly... seriously like hourly miracles happen to me that let me know he is personally aware of me. I will get letters on the exact day I need them. or someone will pray for us as missionaries or say something to me on the street that is exactly what I needed to hear. I will read something in the BOM that blesses me so much or the members will be so kind to me etc etc etc.

I had an experience this week reading Moroni 10 : 7 where I realized that it doesn't matter how obedient I'm being or how hard I’m working and trying ... that if I don’t have faith the lord can't bless me.... Its been monumental in my thinking. Needless to say I've been "choosing faith" more this week.....

(Note to her Mission President)
I am SOOOOOOOO glad that we were advised to do the miracle and bummer thing each day. It's helped me to see how blessed my days are and all the little miracles that happen every day. A miracle for me happened this Friday night when I was able to go to the "Becoming Holy Women" fireside and listen to your amazing wife speak. I felt the spirit so strong and was reminded again that the Lord loves me. I felt so full of gratitude and love and hope. I was able to come home and go to sleep really well. (please tell your wife how much I love her and how much her testimony inspires and affects me every time I hear it.) Also while at the fireside I had the thought to randomly talk to this woman and invite her to sit with us.... she ended up being one of the Elders investigators and it was a HUGE miracle for me to realize I must have followed a prompting to talk to her. She looked Mormon so I don't know how I would have picked her out of all the other women.

I've started writing down a miracle and a bummer each day in my planner. It has really helped me to see how much the Lord has been blessing me and how aware he is of the work we are doing.

The ward is amazing at feeding us and trying to bring people to church etc. It's awesome. The area is huge and I really like being in The Springs.

I've been trying to focus my attention in my personal study on my investigators more. Trying to plan every night during planning time how I can strengthen my testimony to help them gain a testimony of the principles.

I see the need for the work SO SO SO much. I am grateful I get to help my Savior with His great work. I hope to help Him more and be more effective.

I have a testimony of the gospel so so so much. I just need to learn how to convert that testimony into such a joy that it envelopes all the pains and trials of being a missionary.