Tuesday, December 14, 2010


1 more post :)

MTC (dec. 15 - jan. 4th ish)
Sister Christina Jane Gilson
MTC Mailbox # 158
CO-COSP 0110
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

MISSION HOME ( Jan. 4th ish and on )
Sister Christina Jane Gilson
Colorado Colorado Springs Mission
4090 center Park Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80916

k this... is the REAL slim shady last post.
love love love love love
-Sister CJG

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 more sleeps :) and a long overdue post

SO MUCH TO SAY!!!!!!!!!
well... for starters this will prolly be my last post for 18 months.
2 sleeps and i'm in the MTC!!!!!!!

miss me.

tehee haha .. jk jk jk

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who came to my farewell... its finals week and a lot of people drove from all over. it meant so much to me. I sincerely feel so loved and blessed to know you all. thank you :)

I want to live the rest of my life like i'm about to leave on a mission ha. i've squeezed so much life into the last month its been so good to me :) I'm just going to post a few of the adventures i've had the last little while :)

I went to Saint George with James and Jen to visit the grandparents. :) we stopped in beaver and got matching t-shirts and had treats and talked, giggled, played cards, watched movies and the jazz game ( twice) and it was THE BEST
(observe the happiness)

we love beaver.

THEN................. remember this?

we did it again! :)

after watching harry potter at midnight ( yes we dressed up:):):) love it)

I drove to VEGAS on..... 4 ish hours of sleep ha

it was amazing :)

staying up late
pillow fights
dog piles
cheescake factory
victoria's birthday
aj's hot indian men accent
snaps is the name of the game
mountain dew
sunflower seeds
snow storm
road closed
bellagio fountains
bandana bandits
pf changs
round table
terribles (parables ha) hotel
las vegas temple

tasty clip of the triiippppp.

THEN.... I got to curl my best friend SarahJane's hair for her bridal pictures. I wish I could be there for the actual wedding... it is killing me :( but such is life! cest la' vie!

TBH. (to be honest) I'm impressed with how good it turned out haha. I was nervous SJ had such confidence in my hair skills ha but it isn't that hard to make such a beautiful person beautiful

she will make the most gorgeous, pure, beautiful bride you's eva seen. love you sj.

We had another high school reunion party..... so weird to see how we've changed over the years.
yes i'm posting all these pics.

June 2008
( right after graduation)

( oddly enough I actually met the guitar player in this picture like 2 weeks ago..... some random guy we took a picture with in california haha)

Dec. 2008

Dec. 2009

Dec. 2010

PattyCake and I went to Logan to visit P-fresh. we played poker in the hotel room hahaha.
my mom totally skooooled paul and I... how does that even work? beat by our own mother.

and the stockings went up :) mine has a cute little missionary tag on it... :)
X-mas in the MTC is going to be a PARTY this year :) easily :) :) :) :)

I've played a million games, gone to like 5 movies, gone to lunch and to dinner and hot tubbed, hung out super late :) I literally have just been living the dream :)

life is so beautiful :)
I can't wait to be SISTER GILSON!
seriously though. I love you all :)
I hope everyone has the best 18 months ever :) and I will be back summer 2012 to party it up again!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
peace and love turtle doves.


P.S. my sister-in-law Jen is going to post my letters on here and update this so ask her if you have any questions :)