Sunday, August 29, 2010

love love love my weekend :)


got of work early
took a long needed nap
dinner with brian my bestie from photo class ( sorry don't have any pics ha. ) and we went and got dip twist cones from Artic Circle after.... life was so good to me.

then ran a MIDNIGHT 5k
( I know crazy right?)
:) :) :) :)

I saw alot of my old little kids I used to run with. It made me miss them.... so I decided to post this old pic of summers past for memories sake.

The good ol' days when I got paid to play capture the flag and eat popsicles...... now I get paid to stab people ha.


was reunited with Laura Kae FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! best sat. night ever haha. we wore our matching furry animal shirts

not like we weren't obsessed with matching before?......

And I finally tried the famous J-dawgs..... got sweet discounts cause Laura's
brother works there.

And we laughed so HARD. just like old times. I loved it so much.

" this has gotta be the good life "
peace. love. unity. ha
-Christina Jane

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I had THE best day at work last thursday.

Thursday morning we had our monthly all employee meeting that started at 9 but Ryan ( my trainer boss) told us to stay clocked in and come in at noon. The meeting ended at 10 ...... haha so Katelyn and I went to breakfast ( at CARLS... new fav place) drove around ( sang to Celine Dion of course) and just talked for 2 hours in her car and watched it rain :)

totally eating a dum dum :)

I don't know if you all remember... but it started raining SUPPPPPER hard. like crazy hard. So we sprinted back to the building and even though we were only outside for .2 seconds. we got soaked. I was so put out haha.

basically I get paid to go to breakfast, eat candy, sing to Celine and love life.
jealous? :)

I love my Red Cross family.


Friday, August 13, 2010

skills to pay the bills.

I got pulled over going 84 in a 65 yesterday.... did I get a ticket!? haaaaaaayck no! :)
been pulled over 4 times. never had a ticket.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Logan on my mind.

I drove through logan whilst driving home from bear naked lake this weekend. It made my heart ache.

I realize life has new stages and phases and experiences and I know that provo ( can't believe
i'm saying this) is going to be amazing and that its the right place for me to be this fall.... but sometimes... it's hard to let things go.

I think that applies in more areas than one. It's hard to let the good times roll..... on without you haha.

However, they usually roll into bigger and better things :) so i'm still high on life.

<-------Stopped and hiked to the wind caves one last time.

I came home and have been looking at pictures all day today.
this was taken the first time I hiked the wind caves.

"you don't see one without the other"
sayruh + sea jay.

Best lookin' Logan crew you's eva seen.

AJ- THE best roomie ever. all the times we giggled with our beds next to each other haha

(sneakin in to oakridge's hawt tub)

haha the time Agey baybee got her skirt stuck on her head

" studying" in the common room hahaha

Butterflies. the HOWL oct. 2008

Christina Jane and Alyssa Jane

our chick band.

Our reindeer Christmas card.... apparently I missed the antler memo... I was doing hooves.

Paint war fall 2008

NO PARENTS CREW! spring break 2009

Sar and I on the roof..... 1 of MANY chats we had on the parking garage roof.

cleaning the sink at Angies :)

Logan in the fall

USU basketball games. and and micah

Derek and Micah haha.

Fishing in Logan Canyon with Sar hahaha. WORRMMMSSSS.

Craft Tuesday's

making snowmen :)

VEGAS! fall break 2009
( non- planned picture haha looks like sarah and the drunks)

It's weird to not be going back this fall and one things for sure, I will miss all of this.
annnnnnnddddd. I have a stinkin good life :)

ex oh ex oh ex oh

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So the other day someone told me I look like Helen Hunt......? I think this person needs to be put in their place so i've decided to put it to a vote.

For irrefutable evidence, it is only logical that I place a picture of Helen at her best and a picture of myself at my best so here goes....

I'm not seeing it? Even if I had blonde hair (thanks to rachel) .....

ya.... don't really look like her haha.

Yes I have nothing better to be doing than blogging about whether or not I look like Helen Hunt.

Yes I love summer.

Yes I'm going to bear lake this weekend.

Yes I'm going to bed. :) xxxxx oh xxxxx oh xxxxxxx oh
- mizz Gilson.