Sunday, July 4, 2010

little white bag miracle.

I am blessed.
just so you know.

So 3 weeks ago I was out shopping at the fashion place mall with Patty cake. We were trying to "accessorize" for the wedding .....p.s. side story... Patty cake and I met each other at church the other week coming from different meetings and we were seriously twins. We looked like tweetle dee and tweetle dum. it was hysterical. Observe the pics.

I love her.
Best friend is an understatement.
The older I get the more I'm literally turning into my mom haha. this is evidence.

Anyway, like I said we were out running errands and shopping and I had to leave to go to a dermatology appointment downtown. My mother however forgot a little white bag at the mall that had important notes written on it etc.

This is where the miracle of events begin.

1. forgot the bag
2. drove downtown for dr. appt.
3. had to drive alllllllllll the way back to fashion place to pick up the bag.
4. drove by the American Red Cross.
5. Patty cake and I talked about how I've applied to the Red Cross like 20483908 times, called them, tried to follow up on application and NOTHING. and so ... on a whim.... pulled into the Red Cross and I walked inside.
6. Me really nervous... no idea what i'm doing.... happen to walk exactly to the human resource department and happen to go to the exact desk of the lady in charge of hiring where she explains that they happen to be starting a hiring class the following monday and I've come in at perfect timing. She gives me her e-mail and 2 more job codes to send my application to and....... shazam. I get the job.

I find it ironic how this annoying mistake of forgetting the bag turned into such a blessing! Here is the allegorical lesson learned.....forgetting the bag was annoying.... it wasn't what we wanted to have happen and now.... I'm SOOOOOO grateful it happened. See the parallel i'm making here? It's like any challenge in life.... nobody ever wants to have them happen, they are annoying, hard, sucky etc. etc. etc. but in retrospect aren't you glad they do happen? The growth and blessings always supersede the challenge.
So folks, the underlining theme here is I am blessed and I'm happy that the Man upstairs is lookin out for me and i'm SUPER glad that we forgot the little white bag at fashion place mall :)

-christina fina fo fanna banana jane