Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HOME again HOME again jigitty jig.

Well team... this is the end. I am home. I was scheduled for an April 25th flight and found a new flight on the 22nd. In a matter of 5 hours I re-packed changed my ticket and up and left for the airport :) :) :)

The day of my flight...I went 36 hours straight without sleeping.

this is what procrastination looks like...... haha.
My rooms a mess.
I have no money.
I have no job.
My lifes a mess haha.
BUT I LOVE IT :) :) :)

p.s. I refuse to change my laptop and ipod time.... I like knowing what time it is in London.
I miss it already. I said it :(

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


by Jacob Rogers.

The log I made of the volcano saga and etched it on a bed board on my bunk bed. enjoy...

Day 1- All the student are stuck at the center because a volcano erupted in Iceland. People are very upset and attitudes are deteriorating quickly. Ash has filled the skies.

Day 2- The girls at the center are going crazy. They're calling dads, turning on the staff, and making serious threats. The volcanic ash has all flights grounded indefinently, so for now we are stuck on this God forsaken island with no end in sight.

Day 3- By now three people have escaped the center. No word from the outside whether they made it home or not. The airports have now cancelled somewhere around three million flights around the world. Things are not looking good. To make matters worse anarchy seems to be beginning to creep into the center. Girls have banded together like tribes and constantly petition me to join. They threaten horrible things if I don't. The future feels grim. I hope I get to see my family again, I miss them.

Day 4- This could be my last entry. The center is in utter chaos now and I fear beyond saving. More students have escaped, but more have aligned themselves with the two dominant tribes. They call themselves "the sisters of the blood" and the "flesh eaters." The two tribes constantly fight over the Nutella and Special K Red berries cereal. Much blood has already been spilt over the issue. Me and three others are plotting our escape even now. The skies are still filled with thick ash so we must escape on our own or let our fate be decided by the center.

Day 5- Things have escalated from bad to worse. Full on civil war is being waged between the two tribes. Several students and staff have already been killed. Cannibalism and other horrible acts are ensuing and showing no sign of stopping. This will be my last entry. If we are caught escaping we will most certainly be killed. We will catch a cargo train to Dover, then take a night ferry to Brussells. From there we will walk to Berlin then catch a flight home. Fair well. Jake....


well..... I guess it really wasn't all folks haha. I have been stranded here now 5 days. that is IF you can call this being stranded :) ..........

Spoon chains on Macy's bed.

Naps and picnics in St. James Park :)

Dutch tulip festival.

I've played Soccer (football) in the park. Gone to 2 more plays :) Laughed, planned sleepovers in the classroom, painted my nails, danced, stayed up all night talking, loved Life and am still Living the dream on Palace Court :) .

I only am sad and think about family/friends at home when I skype them... I usually don't let my mind wander otherwise because it is pointless to dwell on what I cannot change :) Although I miss them terribly... and this saying hello/goodbye thing is really weird hahah what has upset me MOST is the fact that I now have to do another batch of laundry haha. I rationed my shampoo perfectly for the end of the semester as well... squirting an excessive amount into my hand last friday.... and alas..... now I need more haha.


* I've had frog for " the last time" about 4 times now haha. I can officially go home happy now though because yesterday I walked in and they said " CJ... we thought you were leavin' girl what's goin' on" yup... first name status at frog. COUNT IT! :) :) :)

* Their is now a new ash cloud?..... being blown to central Europe...... I guess London's welcoming all asholes to the party.... hahah come on.... these volcanHOE jokes never get old

* The problems caused by the eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajokull (yes... that is the real name I'm not making that one up ha.) in Iceland have caused an estimated 300,000 flights to be cancelled and almost a billion in economic damage. New York City, alone, has suffered over $250 million in economic damage. I am making history!!!!!! It is the biggest flight disruption since 9/11.

* My flight is currently on it's 3rd reschedule... ha. I'm not being pessimistic just realistic... I've applied for a work visa haha. Freddy and Gillaal ( my buds from Camden where I bought my first painting from) said they'd give me a job being their maid for £200 a week. free room and board. haha. LIFE IS GOOD TO ME! :)

* ANNNNNNNND last but not least..... I finally shaved my legs. In trying to be optimistic for a return to the new world i've began making preparations ha. Jenny, Macy and I decided it was time for this London Tom Foolery to be over and to give up being European for my American legs again haha. you may judge if you like... but the following video is too funny not to exploit haha.

You stay classy Salt Lake :)
I'll be seeing you soon :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Don't even worry everybody... I'm taking the Hogwarts Express home!

AND THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES............. more to come on my adventures being stranded thanks to volcano Eaa;eiufl;eksjfaesl;kfueafj :) but for now... I'm going to sleep ha.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

week 14. do all good things have to come to an end?


so..... not much has happened this week. I've never been more straaaaaaayssed out with finals in my entire life than I have been here... and I'm in London... go figure.

isn't that ironic....

Alanis Morrisette playing in anyones head right now? he he... haha .jk jk jk HAGS.

k so ..and chips. I've been studying... studying... and then.... we decide to take a study break for a treat. we go to the pub down the street to try " english bread pudding" and.... we walked in the door and the guy at the bar said “ sorry no under 18’s in here" that means they thought we were 17… hahah fml. I was like… “ uh… I’m turning 21 this year… thanks… haha”

this is an all out team question for anyone reading this.... Do I look 17?

lets compare.

17 year old Christina and Erin.

20 year old Laura and Christina.

Do I look the same??????
17 ?

I can’t believe I’m old enough to have my study abroad over… I can’t believe I’m old enough to turn my mission papers in in july ( they just changed it to 4 months p.s)…. I can’t believe all this! After this semester I’m techniquely supposed to only have 2 years of college left… ( guarentee it takes me like 8 years haha. ) but that is so weird!

Yesterday I was in high school... I swear it. what happened?

p.s. there is officially a mouse in our room… its so dirty and so disgusting though that…. Nobody seems to care ha. I guess I feel a little indifferent too… cause although I can hear it sometimes… I am on the top bunk.. most of my stuff Is packed up… and I leave Saturday.. is that awful of me to say? Haha. I am living with mice in my room and could care less haha. oh the things that go down the drain whilst studying abroad.

I'm not joking when I say the only thing I've done this week is study... and be brain dead..... so now that finals are over..... I've been partying like its 1999 :)

can you spell


Ben's cookies?



:) :) :) :) :) I LOVE THIS FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!! It's officially summer 2010. I have a feeling its going to be a good one. not just good.... but monumental. :) amazing. incredible :) prolly the best summer of my life :)

p.s. HI farty face. :) here is your shout out hahahaha..... you know who you are :) hahaha.


this is circling above London right now........

Did i mention... Iceland has a giant volcano that has been erupting ash everywhere... my flight is still cancelled as of right now... we shall see what the future brings! :) so the answer to aboves ^ riddle..." do all good things have to come to an end?" ...... well... London... my Love... maybe not! haha.

Perchance my flight will get cancelled... and I will hide in the secret phone booth closet forever here at the london center... and just live the dream always.


I will miss the game I have to play EVERY single time I wash my hands and/ or face..... 1 is freezing cold 1 is scalding hot (no exaggerations) .... EVERY day... I have a battle between rushing both my hands under both trying to combine the water and get a happy medium.... haha. I haven't mastered it yet.... but... I will miss this game I play :( nobody in Europe seems to have figured out the novelty of 1 faucet hahaha.

I will miss stepping over people in the hall whilst they skype.

I will NOT miss having a room that looks like this.... haha. but I will miss sharing it with ALL 12 of my dorm 4 diva's.... I LOVE YOU ALL!

I will miss eating ice cream with my professors in the kitchen haha. or .... seeing them at 2 in the morning in their jammies....

I will miss all the helpful signs at the center such as ^ this one... how would I ever remember to wash my hands after the bathroom if this wasn't here haha.

OR.... for that matter which bathroom to use?..... It's not like I live in a house with 37 girls who are the only ones accessible to these toilets?.... haha

and and... who knew libraries were supposed to be "quiet areas" ???

I will miss freaking out with 1034982309 other girls when the Nutella goes missing.... WTN.

I'll admit it... I might even miss these..... the 78 flights of stairs I have to climb every day to get to dorm 4.... they've provided many a laugh when I have fallen down/up them.

I will miss my secret phone booth closet :(
If I don't come home you'll find me hiding in here ha

I will miss taking the tube everywhere.... and living in Notting Hill Gate :(

I will miss these sunsets on Bayswater. ( street next to my house.... I will miss saying I have a house in London)
I will miss leaping through these like a little girl haha.

I will miss being able to walk to this.....

and to this........

( Hyde Park/Kennsington Gardens)

But MOST of all....I will miss them ^
I have met some of the most incredible people here..... shared sooooooo much, laughed soooooo much more :), LOVED so much..... gosh I have the best family, the best friends, the best everything. It's fact. I am the luckiest scratch that... I am the most BLESSED girl in the world.

To: whoever is reading this..... I LOVE YOU and wherever you are in the world :) sweetest dreams tonight :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday shout out #2

To my DADDY on his Birthday.

I don't know how I was ever lucky enough to not only have a dad .......

but one who will run the last 6 miles of a marathon with me....

will come to all my silly YW events....

Will send me off to prom even when he's busy gardening....

Will be my date to NHS dinners....

Will let me blow out HIS birthday cake candles....

And supports me in everything I do.

I feel like it's MY birthday after writing this.... cause I am so happy and so lucky and so blessed I have a dad like you!

Someday I want to grow up and marry a man just like my dad.


happy 62nd grandpa! :) hahah. just kidding again.... :)

little missy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

week lucky number 13.

April 4th


Today we had a HUGE Easter brunch.. it was so incredible. Omlets, keish, tarts, coffe cake ( yes coffee cake? … at byu ha. ) ommish oatmeal ( SO AMAZING) fruit pancakes etc etc etc. SO GOOD.

easter outfits ha.

Then… we had a special easter program put on by us
J there were 3 talks including Dr. Macfarlane at the end. 2 songs sung by the choir and 2 other solo numbers.


There were only 10 of us… and we broke into parts… and its been stuck in my head all day. It really did sound so beautiful… I loved being in it so much.. I want to go home and just sing hymns with people and break it into parts… it brought the spirit so much and it was really just an amazing day.

Then we went to they hyde park chapel for the first session of conference… started at 5 pm… can’t imagine always having to do that it would suck haha. when they said “ To all those stake centers participating by satellite in different countries.” I got so giddy… that was me J

AND there was a reference to London in the conference talk by our beloved prophet J

AND Russle M. Nelson winked! I loved it . it was for me haha. I’m sure of it haha.

Lots more happened today but.... that is for another time and place :) haha.

I am blessed.



April 5th 2010.

I packed my huge suit case today… trying to get that atleast done early…I am SO worried… its already so full and I don’t even have half my stuff in it… I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I realized though that… no matter how bad I procrastinate finals or packing or whatever… it will all get done. It always does. I don’t need to freak myself out. It will be over in 2 weeks and I can do it.

( i'm giving myself a pep talk in case you couldn't tell haha.)

P.S. it is becoming more and more apparent to me how AWESOME I get when I am tired... please observe haha.

I loose my pants....

I wear different pairs of shoes.....

I find it acceptable to wear sweats tucked into rain boots.....

what you should take away from this is..... 1. matching is overrated.... so is showering. and and 2. I AM AWESOME! hahah.

actually I lied.... matching is amazing :) hahah..... these pics are up by popular demand. hahah :) ;) :) :)

yes... floral print leggins.... floral print is the new green.

anyway, back to present time.... there are daffodils..and boats on the serpentine… and lawn chairs out now for people to sun themselves in… does life get any better?

I still love London J

I looked at majors online tonight on the USU catalog webiste… that was good.. but kinda made me stressed about making a decision for that.

I miss photography.. I want to go on a photo date again by myself.

If I go back to usu… I’m going to run for something on student government.. or get more involved so that I can run when I get back from my mission.

I’m going to go service crazy

AND i’m going to study and be an amazing student most of all. I really am. I have a desire now… and I’m a hard worker.. I can do it. ( more pep talking haha. )

No matter where I’m at for school though.. i'm sure I will love it. Life really is such a gift :)

Xoxo night.

April 6th 2010

Today was the most beautiful and spiritual day for me ever... we went to the London temple and SO MUCH happened. once again... another time and place haha. don't want my blog to get too personal.

but.....THIS happened today.... and it is why I love the London centre/ Life so dang darn dang much haha. Celine.... this ones for you....

April 7th 2010

Today has been a fun day J I woke up and we went to parliament!!!!! Wahoo!

I was actually more apprehensive about this day trip.. I don’t know much about politics stuff in the states ( Ironic... seeing as how I passed the AP political science test haha. that was a miracle.) let alone international politics. Seeing the actual parliament house was pretty cool… I saw the house of Lords and the house of commons. It was cool but It kinda looked like everything els we've seen here in the way it was so elaborate and had paintings and sculptings everywhere. This probably sounds spoiled of me to say, but when you see so much of that kind of stuff it’s hard to not associate them all with each other.

None of my pictures are on my computer yet and i'm too lazy to do it right now... so sorry you wont have as many pics this post haha.

After this however we got to go down into the cabinet war rooms… this was sooooo cool. Coming to Europe has made me learn to not only appreciate history but learn to love it. THIS IS HUGE for me. Ha. I hated history my whole life.. and now I love learning about my ancestors and about history in general. Anyway we learned a lot about Winston Churchill and he is seriously the man. I stayed in the Winston Churchill museum ( it was at the end of the cabinet war rooms) for almost 2 hours. I was reading everything about him. I loved all his quotes so much and I totally bought a quote book of his in the gift shop.

Reasons why Winston Churchill is the

he always wore his pj’s everywhere haha

he was witty

he saved England from Hitler basically single handedly… this is what I take away from it haha. but without his influence and his warrior spirit … England wouldn’t have wanted to fight! Can you imagine how different the UK would be if Hitler had taken control?

he wrote the CUTEST love letters to his wife. He loved her so much and continually needed her support and advice. 3 cheers for smart independent spicy wives!

He used acronymns KBO ( keep buggering on haha He said this to president Roosevelt everytime they hung up the the phone… they were buds.)

He loved quotes.

He painted! Was super talented and artsy.

Belived in God completely.

Was a pow and escaped… and snuck his way back home. Like the great escape! Except he didn’t die! Ha.

he sported the peace sign everywhere.

SoSome day I'm going to thank him for all he did...If he hadn't got England to stand up and fight against Hitler and it wasn't a free country I probably wouldn't be here on a study abroad right now... so basically.... I owe all my happiness to him ha. love you Winston.

p.s. 2 favorite quotes of his are

" I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter." haha. i love that.

" Success is moving from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm."

I LOVEEEEEEEEE that quote too... so much self doubt and stress and worry in this world... and that really is what it's all about... EVERYONE will fail at one point in there life... if your like me... it will be everyday haha... BUT.... I'm going to pick myself up each time and " KEEP BUGGERING ON!" haha. Gosh... i'm obsessed with Winston Churchill... i really am.

Then I went to primark.. got some really cheap goodies. I have no money. I’m an idiot. Then I fell asleep after coming home before dinner....oops.

After dinner I went for a night run ( it wasn’t dark yet.. just dusk ish…my FAVORITE time of day…. I love it more than anything) with Eliza Gibbs. I love running at night It's always so much easier for some reason ha.

Eliza and I were talking about how we wanted to go hiking together this summer and I got so excited! I love summer hikes. I can't wait for summer i'm going to 1. Finally buy a road bike I've been talking about it forever... ( don't know how this is going to work seeing as how i'm broke as a joke ha but it WILL happen.) 2. do hot yoga ( bikram yoga... laura obsesses over it.) 3. try kick boxing... I love running so much but sometimes it gets old.. so i'm stoked for my new summer adventures i'm going to have with these ideas :)

April 8th 2010

This morning I had my last B day classes! Wahoo!

I was so stressed this morning. I don't know why I've been such a crazy goon lately... but it hit me today... i'm such an atmosphere person.. and its the atmosphere here! EVERYONE is freaking out about finals, and is exhausted, on edge, about to crack, onry etc... . It's so negative all the time.. i've been getting all worked up wondering what was happening to me haha and now that i've figured it out... I haven't stayed inside since haha. No jk... but I put my headphones in and try to tune it out ha and I really have been leaving the house to study and to play more.... Learning is the goal... not the grade... I know I sound crazy for saying this... but I'm happy.... so if I fail... atleast I'll still be happy :)

p.s. I still wrote 5 essay's today and studied for 2 hours. :)

THEN...... we went to the joshua radin concert tonight!!!!!!!!!

It was AMAZING. It really really was. I really like the people who opened for him too… the staves? And … a girl named lissy.

Also… Zach Braff the famous guy from scrubbs was at the concert. Oh me… just hanging out with celebrities in London haha.

It was such a good concert though I had a lot of fun. I want to stay in touch with my BYU friends so badly I will miss them too much if I don’t. I am getting all somber thinking about not being with them always. This has been the most incredible semester... all my girls.. i love them so HARD. WINTER 2010 GIRLS SEMESTER OUT!

p.s. did I mention I bought a giant chocolate coin with parliament on it?

on our way to Joshua Radin :)

April 9th 2010

Today we went on a boat ride down the thames! It was so sunny and beautiful and I was wearing a short sleeve ish type shirt and I wasn’t even cold!

Our boat tour was so fun… just to be passing Big Ben, parliament, London Eye, Saint Pauls and EVERYTHING as we floated down the river. It was a surreal moment to be remenising on everything this semester and have it be floating by you… I’m going to miss this. I’m going to miss the people. The city… ( my city J ) the parks, the daffodils, the experience, …. It went by so fast.

After the boat ride we were in grenwich which is like 0 degrees longitude and latitude.. or something like that… and its where time starts. It’s the beginning of time and space in the world! Ha. I stood in the eastern and western hemisphere today… how many people can say that?... not just 2 different places at once… but 2 different hemispheres! It was fun.

Eastern and Western Hemisphere at the same time baybee...

I also went to the martime war museum with jake laura jenny macy … that is the crew I was hanging around all day… and who I’ve been spending a lot of time with lately. We went to GBK.. gourmet burger kitchen ( I keep saying CBK... like california pizza kitchen on accident haha. ) … I had an amazing Cajun burger and laura got this mozerella and pesto burger… ( weird I know.. but It was amazing) and we shared them. It was really really good. But its expensive. cest' la vie. ( such is life. )

Overall its been an incredible day J super fun…. Hanging out around London seeing everything… I loved it. At lunch we did lauras text book question of “ highlights and lowlights “ of the semester… it was so fun… some good memories were brought back to our attention J hah.

homework running dinner... you know the usual that followed ha.

but I'm tired. xoxo night.

April 10th 2010

Woke up at 7 today… studied ALL morning… literally… until 11:30 I was studying… I also wrote 2 papers. Then I went to the royal ballet J

I saw Cinderella… it was INCREDIBLE…. The dancers were so graceful and so beautiful… it was really realy neat. I wished I wasn’t so tired… cause I kept fighting going to sleep… but what ya gonna do ha.

A man yelled at me today in covet garden for being American... I am a baby haha cause it made me feel like crap for like an hour after until I talked to my family and people I love on skype. It made my whole evening. I once again feel so grateful for good people in my life and most importantly my family. I miss everyone and am excited to be seeing them soon :)

sorry if my blogs are too long or boring or don't make sense. i'm sorry ok! haha.