Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week Elevhen... T-20 days :(

March 22nd 2010

Monday. Today I woke up at 7:15 and I went to bed at 4 am. The night before. Some day… I will learn how to sleep more haha.

After classes we had a group outing to see a concert pianist and violinist. They were VERY talented people. I made the mistake of sitting next to Laura ( actually are tickets were randomly placed by each other… fate? I think yes) and when the concert started…. The violinist was practically head banging…. Her hair flinging everywhere… and the pianist had like a twitch… and was violently rocking back and forth… k… I know I’m extremely immature. I know it was SO AWFUL of me to laugh. I really knew I was being so retarded… but something inside of me took over. …. I COULD NOT… stop laughing. I silent laughed with my eyes closed for a good 30 seconds… shaking my chair… I had tears streaming out my eyes… but I knew if I looked at Laura or anyone I would loose it…. Then…. When I thought the worst had passed… I hear an escape of hushed giggles from Laura… oh my gosh… I was trying to think of dead puppies or SOMETHING… but I couldn’t do it. The whole ordeal probably only lasted 2 min if that… but 2 min… in a dead silent concert hall… I am a terrible person ha.

which brings me to my next section... I am so dang darn dang happy.... if you want to see what it looks like... observe here...haha.

Love my stinkin life.
Then home to work on my blog…. BUT my mom happened to be online. It was SO amazing to talk to her. I talked to her in the hidden phone booth closet that I only just discovered a couple days ago even though I’ve been living here almost 3 months. It was so good to talk to her.

Then we went out and took pictures.I had so fun. It was amazing. We were doing long exposure pictures and were using rachels head lamp to write things. So we write our name and then big ben is in the background etc. ( we were at trafalger square) I giggled.The fresh air was good to me… and I was reminded again.. that life is so beautiful. Its complicated. Hard. But so beautiful.

i LOVE Big Ben.

It is also always up to me to decide what I feel about life." it is my daily mood that determines the weather." I can make my days miserable and complain… or I can look for the good. I hope I always look for the good.

p.s. I want to run this… July 23rd and 24th seattle ragnar.

March 23rd 2010

Today I slept in til like 10 ha. I didn’t have class til 11 and I decided to take it easy with my cold and stuff. It actually felt really good.

After dinner I went to see LION KING! It was sooooooo good. I think it will be my last show here and it was SUCH a good show to end on. The costumes and creativity was so amazing. I loved it. I love the creativity of the human mind. I really do.

I am going to bed though. xoxoxox

p.s I love music. I listen to a lot of music here. and all the time.. and I love it ha.

p.s. my mom sent me this quote. I really like it.

"Worry is the anticipation that the outcome will be bad. Faith is the anticipation that the outcome will be good. Faith in Christ is the understanding that whatever the outcome, it will be for our eternal good."

March 24th 2010

Today was our last day trip. I actually woke up at 6 thirty this morning and went running with Anne Spackman. It was such a good run and I am SO glad I got up and went. It seriously felt so good. I ran the whole way… and it was a different route…. Switching things up makes it so much better.

Then we got on the coach and we drove to St. Albans cathedral. It was pretty…. Had a wodenish ceiling which was different than a lot of cathedrals I’ve seen here. But I’ve been seeing so many… that I am getting tired of it. Afterwards we went through this like… museum about the romans and stuff… it was a lot like the very first museum we went to here in London. The London museum... as it is commonly called ha.But… once again.. you can only look at so many roman leftovers before your bored… old gold coins… broken pots of theirs they found…. They did have some really cool mosaic’s ( spelling?) though.

I am beginning to feel the weight of stress for finals and grades slowly creep into me. I havn’t been exactly the best student here…but I don’t know how to be any different.

Then we went to the American World War cemetery in Cambridge. ( or as the English say… semetry.) I was so confused for the longest time on the bus because I didn’t know they were talking about a cemetery… like.. sem eh tare eee. … how we pronounce it ha. Anyway, we pulled up to the cemetery and directly dead center was a ginormous flag pole… and blowing in the glistening sun ( gosh.. I sound like a poet) was the American flag.

So...the following may be extremely gushy… dramatic.. whatever.. but I don’t care. Its how I felt ha.

I saw the flag.. and I can’t tell you the feelings I was having. It was the WIERDEST thing. I looked over the rows and rows of American graves of soldiers who had fought and died on foreign soil. I don’t know how many of these American dedicated cemetery’s there are.. prolly not many.. I know there is one in Normandy?... but I think this was the only one in England. It was patterened after the ones in D.C. .. rows and rows of white roman-catholic crosses ( some had stars of david etc.) all over this beautiful green English field.They had a wall of all the names of soldiers either lost or buried in the cemetery.. we heard some stories of certain soldiers and how they died and some history about the majority of soldiers buried there etc. but it was so heartwrenching. I know I joke around a lot… ( not really joking I really do LOVE Europe so so much) about wanting to be European etc… but I’ve NEVER felt more national pride than today. I am SO PROUD to be American. I was so emotional thinking of all the blessing I’ve been given. All those who gave their life. … who continue to give there life… with Iraq and stuff.. freedom doesn’t come free. I always seem to be coming back to the same conclusion of… why am I so blessed? Why have I been given such amazing blessings that are so in a country where I can pick the job I want, worship freely, etc. I must have something I need to do here with the opportunities i've been given. I hope I live the life I was sent here to live :) ... if that even makes sense

After this we went to Cambridge College. Cambridge is a lot like Oxford.. they look very similar but Oxford is set morein a city and Cambridge is in this quiet little town. They had a riversurrounding the college that you could take a little boat tour down (like in Venice or something) and it had these beautiful trees and woods surrounding it. I loved Cambridge. I like it a lot more than Oxford which is surprising becauseof all the harry potter references at Oxford haha. Cambridge is so darling. I wish I was smart/cool enough to go there haha. maybe someday.

Going to sleep. Xoxo night.

March 25th 2010

After classes we went to the Tate Britain ( art museum I’ve been to before) for our British Literature class. 2 more essays were assigned on paintings there that relate to story’s and poems we are supposed to have read. ….. school is building and building… I only have 2 classes left in each… and finals… ah……. Here I go again haha.

After the Tate Britain I left a little early cause I’d been there before and Annie and I wanted to go running. We went running and it was sooooo beautiful. Daffodils everywhere now. It is heaven. We ran the same loop we did yesterday but like 109439483 times faster. It felt so good. My legs are so sore from switching up the course… but I still ran the whole way. I am getting stronger. It feels good. I keep forgetting how incredible it is to be running.. through like a forest… green everywhere. ponds and rivers… ducks.. beauty all around me. I’m never gonna want to go running again haha cause it is just to dang darn dang beautiful here!

Came back.. didn’t shower haha. ate dinner and then… brit and macy and I made a ridiculous video of us dancing to the song “ kiss me through the phone.” It is really applicable to us right now haha. cause we all our gone... Have no men. And it was just a good time us girls being girls.

I went to Frog tonight ( did I mention they made a student discount for us… pretty sure it’s because they lost so much buisness when they got rid of there buy 1 get one free deal from all the girls at the center that they had to bring it back ha. ) and on the way realized I haven’t written a journal entry about one of my favorite places in London. There is a little café on the way to Queensway ( on the way to Frog …lets be honest here.. I see this café so much cause we go to frog so much) and it NEVER fails me… there are always the cutest old men there playing chess and backgammon ( made me think of my daddy :) ) but it is exactly like that movie return to me where the old guys are there every night playing cards? .. well this little café is exactly like that. I am determined to go in and eat there and possibly join in on a game of chess one night ha. I love London. So quaint. So cute. So beautiful.

p.s. Rachel and I were joking about how excited we are to be able to walk into frog and say “ the usual” haha and have them know what is up. I left and we said “ see ya tomorrow… LOVE YOU” as we left haha. they love us. I think I might take a picture with all of us.. frame and sign it.. and give it to them to hang up on their wall haha.

Going to sleep though. xoxoxo night.

March 26th 2010.

Today we took the train to Hampton Court! It was another castle for the pompous Henry the 8th. It was really cool. I got sucked into the audio guides haha. people made fun of me. The castle had these really weird mushroom trees that looked exactly like toad from Nintendo 64… I kept thinking I was at bowzers castle or something. The interior of the house was similar to other lavish castles and palaces I’ve seen here. they all look alike. All incredibly beautiful etc. the gardens however were sooo stinkin pretty. I loved it. We took so many pictures in the daffodils. I don’t know what to pick for my favorite flower anymore. Daffodils are so stinkin cute! And they are happy too! and they remind me of London… such a dilemma for me ha.

p.s. jake was the puppy man on the tube haha. About died when I snapped this.

we love daffodils.

Then we went to bourough market. It will probably be my last time at bourough market. Sad life. It’s weird going everwhere thinking… “ this may be the last time. “ in fact.. those very words were inscribed on the wall of quotes at the tate Britain yesterday… I keep thinking about them… “ this may be the last time.” … its kinda sad. Its like growing up. Bitter sweet. This may be the last time I am here. life must go on! but… I am pretty sure I have some exciting things in the future for me. Laura and I split fish and chips … well actually we didn’t get the chips we got mushy peas and they were soooooo good. So was the fish. It was legit.

I thought the jones’s .. jonesezz… joneses..? haha were leaving today.. turns out they don’t leave til tomorrow. And they invited me for dinner and a play and all this fun stuff tonight.

I went to 39 steps ( I’d seen it before but its incredibly funny and I wanted to be with them again) with Jordan and Steve tonight. It was so good to me. They were so kind. So happy and loving… it felt like hanging around my family … I love them so much. I have been blessed with such good people in my life. I really hope they know how much I appreciated them. I love people. And I LOVE the jones family.


March 27th 2010

Today is the "PERFECT DAY!"

5:40 a.m. – woke up went to take pictures at Abbey Road where THE beatles actually were baybee.

8:30- went to breakfast after pictures.. had eggs on toast.. and brown sauce. And loved life.

9:30- ran to big ben with laura and jenny. We’ve been planning this run forever and it was INCREDIBLE. We saw… Kensington gardens. Hyde park, hyde park corner, st. james park, BILLIONS OF DAFFODILS, themes river, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Wellington monument ( another huge arch kinda like arch de triumph), Buckingham palace, serpentine river, London eye, parliament, Changing of the guard, Trafalger square, the national gallery, the National portrait gallery. Princess Diana memorial walk, ETC. I really think I didn practically an entire tour of London in 1 run. Jenny and Laura and I have decided we are going to start a buisness… running tours through London haha.

Have I run every day since Wednesday this week… yes.

AM I stinkin sore … yes.

Did I get 4 and a half hours of sleep last night and woke up at 5:40 this morning?... yes.

Do I love my life so hard?... YESSSSSSSS!

12:00 pm. Lunch and Shakespeares Tempest. 2 hour long bbc version video of crap. A bunch of naked “spirits” haha. men.. frolicking in this retarded movie. But… I am getting homework done early. I am proud.

3:00pm. Nap time. Finally.

4:40 woke up… listened to it rain outside my window… on the roof.. smelled the breeze coming in our room.. as I sat on my bed. Wrote in my journal… wrote e-mails..listenened to music.. loved life. so happy and blissful and content.

Ate a snack.. dinked around…

7:00 pm.- went by myself to take pictures at Westminster Abbey of big ben etc. went all bymyself.. it was so good to me. On the tube by myself … with my camera and tripod and Ipod. owning the place. Know exactly where I am how to get everywhere in this amazing city. I was so happy. I took pictures for probably… and hour and a half…. Loved my life so so much. So beautiful. So lucky to be in London. Photography makes me so happy. I can’t describe it. So good to have alone time

and then……someone butt grabs me. I am so freaked out I turn around ANDDDDD

it was Ali and Allison haha. They somehow see me on their way home from doing the London eye but it scared me so bad haha. who woulda guessed… Me runnin’ into friends in London. Haha its crazy. But I love it.

8:00 pm. Ali, Allison and yours truly… go to kahn’s for dinner ( amazing authentic Indian restraunt. I am a curry and nan fiend.)

9:00- texts, e-mails, calls, and rumors OH MY!

This is hysterical… so I asked Laura if she wanted to take pictures with me before I left.. ( I secretly wanted to go by myself… I feel safe here. I was going in very crowded popular places. It wasn’t late… I know my way around..) anyway. She didn’t want to come.. so she knew I was taking pictures. But, somehow the rumor got started that I left to go running in Hyde Park by myself at night... and that I left the center at 5:30 p.m. and hadn't been back since... haha. …. Legit… It was like a whole search and rescue for me in a matter of 2 hours haha. I felt so loved that people cared about me so much haha. But it was RIDICULOUS! So stinking funny the stories that went around.

So all of the sudden I start receiving messages off the chain from Dr. Macfarlane and people at the centre. So we hurry and finish up eating and come back and Haha gosh.. so I walk in and like immeadiately everyone in the lobby is like “ OH MY GOSH! WE ARE SO GLAD YOUR SAFE! WE WERE SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU!” I’m not joking when I say the whole center knew I was missing. The rumors were so funny. I was gone like.. not even 2 hours and there was practically a search team for me. It was hysterical.

Anyway, Today has been the “ PERFECT DAY.”

I loved every second of it. I am so exhausted and happy J and that hoku perfect day song keeps playing in my head. Happy to be alive today :). YUP


Christina jane.