Sunday, January 24, 2010

week 2. continued...

Jan 18th continued....

For our brittish Lit class we had to have this whole play read by tomorrow and me, laura, jenny, emma, ali, and ali #2 all read it out loud together and took turns. It was so fun/funny haha . all of us cuddled up on the floor reading to eachother. It was like story time. I loved it.

We all talked about boys tonight and it was so funny. I love girls. Sometimes we are so silly and giggly and immature and It just is great to be a girl J haha.

Jan 19th 2010

Today was another lazy day sordof… ha. I had 3 classes. The homework situation here still sucks. But what ya gonna do….. J

I went running for a quick second at hyde park. I seriously… rant about that place so much.. I know.. but I love it so so hard! I brought my camera too and have been filming/ taking pics which hopefully someday will come to good use J I didn’t have my camera at hyde park the day it snowed and it was sooooo adorable I am still mad at myself. There were probably a kajillion snowmen EVERYWHERE … because it doesn’t snow often It was a field day! Cute kids making snow angels everywhere… it was a movie scene I swear. I am so mad I didn’t bring it that I now bring my camera evertime I go running.

Today I went to the british museum! After classes for a my civ. Class we went and saw some certain pieces in it. It is huuuuuuuuuuge. The building itself is gorgeous. I find myself commenting on the architecture of buildings a lot. Maybe I will just change my major again and do architecture haha. jk. Hags. So the british museum… was pretty cool… maybe this sounds ignorant but it just seemed like it was kindof like a giant…. Trophy house haha. It had all these artifacts from all across the world that the british had taken during their reign. It was like a museum of all the loot ( ß yup just said loot) they had stolen from other countries ha. Still however, it was impressive. I didn’t come close to covering even probably a third of it… but that’s ok cause were going back J

We got soooo lost trying to find it though. We eventually ended up taking a double decker bus there ( which comes free with our tube passes.. can I just say, the transportation system in London is incredible. I love it. ) The busses are so cool. I would die if I had to drive one though. the whole opposite side of the road thing… and then they have NO respect for pedestrians here. I guess… the rule is unless you are at a designated cross walk… pedestrians do not have the right away… so I’ts like a free for all. People sprint across the street in front of busses and cars … and nobody slows down. Its madness.

After the museum and dinner we watched Henry the VI for my shakespear class. It is so long and so boring I thought I was going to die. We watched for 2 and a half hours… and were only barely half way through with part 2! It was kindof funny/fun at the same time to be In a room with a bunch of friends from my class laughing at how ridiculous the movie was. If anyone has seen these old versions of the play… they will know what I am talking about hahah. I am definitely going to have to put a clip of Shakespeare in the movie I want to make after study abroad is over with all my pictures etc.

Anyways… I never sleep anymore. Im exhausted… and am getting up at six thirty tomorrow to shower and go to STONE HENGE! Yowza! Yowza! Xoxox

P.S. I saw the Rosetta Stone today. J Nbd.

Jan 20th.

STONEHENGE ROCKS!!!!!!! J haha ( come on. )

Today I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and showered. I blow dryed my hair for the first time since being here haha. I wanted to get ready though cause I knew that today was going to be picture mania.

The bus left at 7:30 in the morning. Its so weird… I have been so happy in the mornings lately. I have more energy and am cracking jokes and have been so lively! Ha. It might have something to do with the fact that every morning I check my e-mail and after I read e-mails from the fam and friends.. it just starts my day off so good J. I was on the bus taking videos of people sleeping for the movie I want to make. And I was taking pics and videos of the scenery as we drove further and further… so… England is beautiful. In case anyone didn’t know. After we got out of the city… Rolling hills with green everywhere. Scenery like you can’t believe! Its heaven.

Our first stop was…….. STONEHENGE! I couldn’t believe I was there. It was such a surreal moment for me. I just kept thinking.. “ I live in Europe and am 20.. on my own, with all my friends. How lucky am I?!”

Stonehenge is exactly like I pictured it. It was raining/snowing and was soooooooo cold unfortunately though L. Nobody wanted to be outside longer than a half hour cause it was sooooo cold. My fingers were legit purple when I got back on the bus. We took a lot of really cute umbrella pictures and jumping pictures and just had a blast. I was at Stonehenge this morning….. incredible life moment.

After Stonehenge we drove to salisburry and took a tour of the Salisburry cathedral. Also called St. Mary’s cathedral, has the largest spire in all of England. It even had the largest spire in all of Europe pre- 1400’s and only took 38 years to build! That is crazy! This cathedral was beautiful. I love the cathedrals. That is one of my favorite things about Europe is how many churches and cathedrals they have everywhere and they are all exquisite. Our tour guide was the most adorable old british man and I loved him. He was the kind of cute old man that called you “ love” and you just wanted to take him home with you haha. I also saw one of the 5 original Magna Carta documents. Life is going to be so boring after I come home. I keep doing such crazy things!

Then, continuing our journey, we went to Bath. Or as the British pronounce it BAHTH haha. It was the cutest little English town I’ve ever seen. I saw all the places Jane Austen wrote about in her books and can’t for the life of me understand why she disliked it. The Roman baths were exceptionally cool. I hung out with Rachel almost all day today ( I love her) and we have giggled and just had so much fun. We were taking pictures outside by the baths and out of the corner of my eye I see flashes going off.. so I look over and some random Italian man is snapping pics of me and Rachel and we started laughing sooooo hard haha. We invited him to come get in a picture with us and it was hilarious.

Rachel and I threw in some good old American money into the Bath because… apparently the greeks used to do it with their gold coins and we wanted to be apart of the crew.. I figure if dreams are ever going to come true.. it’s going to be at a place like Bath England J. We also drank some of the water. They have it at the end and its been purified a little.. but is DISGUSTING! It was still warm and salty and so gross haha. But I just HAD to drink it … It’s the elixar of life! So now.. I’m going to live forever I guess haha.

On the bus home I sanpped more videos and pics and listened to my Ipod. I Love listening to my ipod. I always feel like someone is paying music to my life story. Haha like.. theme songs or something.

When we got home… 12 hours later haha we watched the rest of Shakespeare.. which was like another hour and a half. So ridiculous. I was skyping and e-mailing a lot through it but oh well. It's so weird how life is so hard sometimes and so amazing other times. I wouldn’t change a thing though … and that is a very nice thought

Jan 21st 2010

I slept in today and was late for class but it felt so good. I think I’m getting sick. I am playing too hard haha. Today I had 3 classes again… I hate having class. It seems so ridiculous to even say that but its weird to be doing homework sometimes or having class when all this other stuff is going on. I have to keep reminding myself I can’t just play and live the dream all the time cause its london… even though that’s what I do anyways haha. 10 out of 10 on my shakespear quiz! Holla! I am doing good at not stressing school too much but not completely blowing it off either.

I am failing at sleeping enough. Bad news bears. But I will work on it.

Jenny and I took pictures at the peter pan statue in hyde park and it was another surreal moment for me J. The sun was out today J which doesn’t happen very often; its always so dark cloudy grey. But the sun today… ooooooooooooiiiiiiiweeeee. It was making silhouettes with all the trees and statues and buildings

After running and classes and dinner I was going to do homework because I am getting behind but a bunch of girls were going to WICKED! I wasn’t about to pass up my opportunity a second time!

Wicked was soooooooo incredible. I loved it so much. It was by far the best play or musical I have EVER seen. I wished my mom was there with me so bad I couldn’t stand it. The 2 leading girls in the play… wow. Most incredible voices ever. The one girl who played Elphiba could belt it soooooo loud. I was jealous. People with talents man! I loved it though. I would see it again and again and again. I think I am obsessed.

J I love my life. Thursday night and I am seeing shows at the theater J I am also going to bed.! Xoxoxo

Jan 22, 2010

Today is Friday! Wohooo! I went to Westminster Abbey today. It is GORGEOUS! I never thought I’d find another church/cethedral whatever that I would like more than Saint Pauls but I think Westminster abbey ties! I saw Isac Newtons tomb, the tomb of henry the vIII and a lot of other henrys haha. I saw the coronation chair and so much history!

It was incredible to see how beautiful it was and how old! It is seriously a miracle. I do not understand in the slightest how they built that at that time. Almost every king or queen since 1308 has been coronated there fun fact.

When I came out of the subway.. Big Ben was there. And it took me by surprise completely! I literally … took my breath away haha. It was so amazing.

Laura and I have been hanging out all day and having so much fun J we went to primark and spent way too much money again.

Tonight probably half of us watched Young Victoria on the big screen. Can I just say also how amazing it is to watch a chick flick with 40 girls haha. It is a historical movie but one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It has the cutest love story and I want to be a princess so bad haha. I love queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Did you know…. Prince Albert dies at like age 43 and the queen didn’t die til she was 81 or something but she had his clothes layed out for him every single day after his death in honor of him. It was said she was in mourning the rest of her days. Such a cute love story. I want to marry a man like Prince Albert.

Jan 23 2010

Today is Saturday. It felt so good to now have to be up and downstairs and ready by a certain hour. I loved it. This morning I went running again.. Im obsessed.. but I went with laura and jenny and they are in such better shape than I am and it kicked my butt! We probably ran 5 miles. I hopefully…. If all goes according to plan haha will come home in rockin shape. I am already so sad about leaving my byu friends… it’s disgusting how I can think that I want to go to byu so I can live in a house with them haha.

I thought of another reason why I love hyde park so much though.. Everyone is always so happy. Its like going to get an icecream cone. You don’t go to the ice cream store or to the park when your grumpy or in a bad mood. Everyone is just out.. enjoying themselves… loving the nature and the day… and it is just so fun.

After metting iveta at the park ( travis friend from the czech republic) laura, jake and I went to borough market again. I had an ostritch burger… and it was amazing. I love borough market to cause its so… privial looking. Dead fish and octopus haning over the edge… haha fruits and veggies and cheese and chocolate everywhere. Its like a medieval market with a bunch of farmers and sailors. Its beautiful. ha

I talked to my mom and dad on the phone today for 5 min. it was SOOOOOO good to me. It actually made me a little homesick after. L its weird to think that I’ve almost been gone a month. I left dec. 30. I miss them so much and am sad on what im missing out on.. but everything in life has its ups and downs right?

Tonight we watched harry potter on the projector and just took it easy. I sat next to Rachel. I love her. I talked to travis after for a bit, THOUGHT about doing my homework …and then THOUGHT better of it haha. and now I’m going to sleep.

Monday, January 18, 2010

LONDON week 2.

I have sooooo many pictures already :) but the internet here is retarded and I don't have the time or patients to put them all up. so ... this is just a little preview. plus im retarded at blogging.

above is some pictures at the tower of london and other adventures. Tower of London pictures have the the only REAL tudor houses left in london. All others are replicas. these were saved from the great fire of london because they were inside the tower gates.

Jan 13th.

I have done nothing today. It is pathetic. I have read oliver twist and tried to read and outline and do my home work for all my other classes. It legit makes me so mad. I didn’t spend all the money to come out here and study. I want to learn… but this is pathetic. L

I did go running in hyde park again with laura. This time we decided to not split up haha. It was really fun and good J We probably only ran about a mile though and then walked the rest because we both were tired and I am so sore. I think not exaggerating I probably ran close to 8 miles yesterday when I was… we’ll call it touring London haha J.

I am going to sleep though L hopefully I will figure out what I need to do as far as classes go by tomorrow. Xoxo

Jan 14th. 2010

4 classes again today. I’ve decided to switch out of the International relations class because even though it is interesting and would be good for me to learn more about politics because I’ll admit its not my favorite thing… its just too much work. He clearly stated today he is expecting AT LEAST 3 hours of reading for every class, plus all the essays plus the geography quizzes… I just didn’t want to do it. While the other classes are still hard I would rather read shakespeare than a politics book. BYU is stupid hard. It is frustrating me because I want to learn But I didn’t spend all this money to fly half way across the world to study inside all day.

After class Laura, Rachel, Mary and I all went to this shish kebab place for lunch and it was so yummy J .We usually try to eat leftovers from dinner to save money but there were non left today and we were starvin marvin so we went out. After lunch Laura, Rachel and I took the tube to this shopping center place and I bought a few knick knacks….. including GLOW IN THE DARK NAIL POLISH! I had to. It was only 1 pound. Then forgetting everone has a general class every thursday we rushed back to the center and I went to my 5th class for the day.

After class I read more oliver twist! I love it. I’ve never read it before and somehow cant remember the story line so I’m actually super intrigued. I feel so bad for him I just want to adopt him and take him into my arms ha. I love him.

After dinner I went downstairs to help with my last kitchen crew for like 7 weeks! Hahaa YIPEEEEEEEEE. The new crew was downstairs to learn how to run the dish washers etc. and I turned on the radio SO loud. Was dancing so HARD. And laughing and singing and loving it. It was good to me.

Tonight I read more and then got dressed and we all went to this pub for a free concert J. I loved it. We got completely lost on our way but we finally found it. It was kinda awkward going into this tiny squished pub with 23981203 girls ordering diet cokes haha .

On the tube home there was a transvesdite. My first experience. He… or it… as I should say was wearing stilletos, red lipstick, a skirt, leather coat, long silky brown hair… haha. Only word that comes to mind is BEAUTIFUL haha.

I am off to bed though. We ( mostly the girls in my dorm ) are going to Chicago tomorrow night J to celebrate not being on dish duty haha. As a group we are going to the tower of London J I am stoked. Xoxo.

Jan 15th 2010


Today we went to the tower of London! J It was a really good time J . Going to sight seeing activities with your family and then your friends is such a different experience. Both are good. Just different. I had a lot of fun walking around seeing the different castles and towers and torture chambers etc. My two favorite things were the crowned jewels room… that was incredible. The diamonds are huge! I cant believe how many and how big all the jewels were. The second thing I really enjoyed was all the henry vIII stuff. It is so interesting to hear about all the wives he killed and tricky stuff he did. He was a very Fat and very arrogant king. Fun Fact: his 4th wife was an arranged marriage from Normandy?... can’t remember where she was from. Anywasy, king Henry was shown a picture of her and agreed to marry her and upon her arrival he said quote “ I would never marry that cow.” CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! SUCH A JERK! ha. So… she counts as one of the divorced wives I guess.. 1. Divorced. 2. Beheaded 3. Died. 4. Divorced 5. Beheaded 6. Survived. Also… I lied, I loved 3 things, my last favorite thing was all of the asians running around everywhere taking pictures holding up peace signs in front of the towers. PRICELESS J

After the tower of London we went to a memorial for the great fire of London. It was a huge, white momument that had ornate decorating all over it. Very beautiful, was designed by Christopher Wren ( same guy who designed St. Pauls Cathedral. Gosh I’m smart). Afterwards we went to an old fashioned taberd where supposedly the original taberd that was previously there ( before the fire) was the same one in the Canterberry Tales (Chaucer) that the pilgrims meet from. Then we went to the bourough ( spelling?) market. This was my favorite part of the day. It was this market with dozens and dozens of fresh fruit or flowers or veggitables or bacleva, cheese, chocolate, fish n’ chips etc. etc. etc. It’s like a combination of Costco sample days and the farmers market combined times 10. It was so fun and so cool and I kept thinking “ my mom would love this.” I spent so much time and money there it was ridiculous. I hung out with a girl named Rachel and Jenny most of the day and it was really fun J .I bought a bratwurst with sourcrout on it and it was amazing ( I ate the whole thing.) …and a few other things that might have included a brownie haha.

After getting home I read more OLIVAAAAA twist and I still feel so bad for the poor boy. I am so intrigued by this book. Who woulda thought… Charles Freaking Dickens. I didn’t eat dinner because I was still so full from the market and I was actually super bummed because we had fish n’ chips tonight at the center and it looked really good. I haven’t gone to a bakery or had fish n’ chips since I’ve been here… my dad would think me a failure.

After dinner I wrote e-mails and then we went to Chicago! All the girls decided to dress up… who’s idea this was I don’t know.. and I wore heels… one of the more stupid things I’ve done.... but it was really fun J. I have never heard anything about Chicago or seen the movie or whatever but I really enjoyed the play. It was only 19 pounds so that’s pretty good! It was a fun little girls night out…. Even though basically every night is a girls night in London I still love it J.

I forgot to talk about a walk I went on the other day for a class so I will mention it. There are 2 Beautiful churches right by the center and we walked by them to take a closer look. The first one is a red brick church with rounded arches and rounded windows and doors. It is called the Hagia Sophia. The second is a gothic looking church named St. Mathew’s church and it was definitely Catholic looking with grey dark stones and stained glass windows all over it. It made me really sad my ward is so far because I would love to attend a service at both of them. I really want to go inside sometime soon.

Every where I walk is a photograph It’s all so beautiful. I am so glad I have a healthy working body, my eye sight, sense of smell, taste, everything J. Blessed to be having this experience.

I am so exhausted I can’t think. Even though I am living in London and want to experience so so much I am going to school and I need to find more of a regular schedule. Also… I am spending too much money! All these plays and sights are killing me! But I am off to bed. Xoxox

Jan 16th 2010

This afternoon I went on a run through hyde park again by myself. There is something so magical about that place. I don’t know what it is but it seriously fills me with joy. I am smiling and so light hearted and enjoying myself so much I must look like a love struck fool or something. I don’t get it... but I LOVE running through that park more than I think I have ever enjoyed being outside in my life . There were kids and couples and people feeding the ducks/swans around the pond as I ran and I again was soaking in the beauty around me. One of the biggest reasons why I like to run is I feel so alive. The pain and strain and runners high … it is a hard feeling to describe.

Tonight (because they don’t serve any food on Saturdays) I went to a pub with Jake, kierra and Britney. I had a sandwhich which was really good actually. We didn’t know if we ordered at the table or the bar or if they brought it up to us… Im sure we looked so retarded ha. It makes me wonder what its like when the Brittish come to America to tour.

I am excited for church tomorrow! But I am exhausted. Xoxo night ! J

Jan 17th 2010


How is it that it rains every single day, is so cloudy grey all week, rain even snow… but on Sunday .. the sun is streaming through the trees of hyde park so strong and beautifully? That is not coincidence J. There was not a cloud in the sky today and It was the most beautiful crisp morning ever. ( you know it must have been good for me to think mornings are beautiful haha)

Today was my first sunday at the Stratford ward where I will be the whole time I am here. I loved it. It is weird how I am already feeling what the first counselor in the hyde park says he feels when he comes to utah… in that he feels uncomfortable in these wards of 400 with everyone white and everyone 5th generation mormons etc. Because I have learned to love the diversity. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF THE CHURCH! Different cultures, parts of the world, all coming together worshiping Christ! J

The people… Im totally going to sound like a missionary but the people were so beautiful. I loved them. I’ve never been so welcomed in my life. Everyone was shaking our hand, smiling at us, talking to us asking our names and where we were from and truly taking an interest in our lives.( Its so funny when I say I’m from utah every single person is like “ oh what part?” as if they know all over utah.. hahah “ holiday… ok…. Is that by lehi? Haha” I felt the spirit so strongly… I started to cry in sacrament. I just got so choked up.. these people.. and the church I am apart of… I am so blessed. I have just been on such a spiritual high these last 2 days but I love it.

During the hymns in sacrament… haha the guy behind me… was BELTING out at the top of his lungs. COMPLETELY off key haha. I don’t think he even knew how to read music… cause he would go up and down at all the wrong parts haha It was so darling how loud everyone was singing…. It sounded so awful and beautiful at the same time.. how does that even work ? haha. I was trying not to laugh… it was so hard. .. I didn’t look at britin or jake ( the people assigned in my ward with me) the whole time cause I kept cracking up… I was violently shaking the whole time.. tears out my eyes… haha It was so funny I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t even hear myself sing the right key with them haha.

Sunday school this cute british woman taught. She was teaching on the creation and Brought all these stuffed animals and put them all over the table. So cute.. the comments and lessons are so different here.. everything was WAY more basic.. but I learned SO much. It wasn’t the text book utah mormon testimonies and lessons I’ve heard so much.. But they are so loving .. I am so excited at the prospect of getting to know them all personally. My ward is about 70% black, but carribean/jamaican black. Loud friendly laid back. J I love it. During Sunday school we read a passage and passed it down the rows.. I thought I was taking a tour of the conference center or something with all the different languages and accents coming

out. Indian, Brittish, American, Jamacian, Portugese/Spanish. I swear EVERY culture in the universe is thre haha. Togas, skirts, pants, dread locks, cornrows, all at this small humble Lds chapel. I keep thinking about how a mission would be like that. I find myself writing/ thinking about my mission a lot. I can never pick up on signs.. I swear I don’t get signs … haha but if I were guessing… I think Heavenly Father is giving me signs. I want to serve.

I have been called to work in the primary J. Little british kids with accents… I am going to die! They are so darling. I am totally going to film them. I just loved church so much. Was so happy. It was really really good to me.

Funny story… in relief society.. I was asked to try and “ plink away on the keys ” haha I told them I didn’t know them hymn but I would try to do my best… I was so nervous… don’t know why.. but I’ve never heard the song before.. It had 3 flats.. and everyone in the ward is tone deaf haha. So needless to say it sounded terrible. People kept singing it like super wrong too… and the chorister would stop and say “ now hold on… that’s not quite right… should we begin again?” haha.

I played an introduction and when I started the song… nobody started singing… long story short… The chorister stops in the middle and goes… “ should we try it without the piano?” haha. I was so emberassed… especially cause im better at the piano I promise! Haha. Britin and I were once again dying of laughter. Im sure I was bright red in the face. Even the lady with a toga on was laughing haha. But I still loved it.

Since church I have slept, done homework, and done internet stuff. I also booked my flight to spain for the extended weekend J we are going to Madrid. I am super excited. J

I love being a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Life doesn’t get any better than this J. I don’t understand how I am so blessed. But it seems like the more I realize it… the more blessed I get.

It is super late though. I am going to sleep. Xoxox. J I LOVE LONDON! J

Jan 18th 2010

I went running again this morning at the park! I am addicted. Today as I was running around one of the ponds there was a bouquet of flowers on the side with letters. Someone had lost a loved one. A young girl. I didn’t read all of it, mainly because I felt like I was intruding on something very personal. But I was so moved by it. If I had a dime for every time I got emotional on my runs in Hyde park I would be a rich lady. If I die I want to have someone leave flowers for me by the pond at Hyde park.

Today we went to the Globe theater! I took some pictures of st. pauls cathedral as we walked by it and I really enjoyed that today. The tour was really neat actually. They had a whole bunch of shakespear stuff going on and it was a really pretty theater actually. I wish I was here just a week longer and I could actually see a Shakespeare play in the globe theater… that is something I should put on my bucket list J

I am having so much fun with my girls here. We are all already like best friends. I hate thinking that we will go back and they will go to byu and it will all be over L its only the 2nd week and I’m sad about it. Look at me… turning into a zoobie ha. I hate myself.

I am so behind in school work and tired I don’t even know how it all happens L

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LONDON week 1.

Jan. 9th.


Slept so good haha. I did wake up a couple of times.. it was really cold but I didn’t have a problem at all going back to sleep haha. I feel a little tired but It wont take long to adjust. So glad I flew into heathrow… people who flew into Gatwick are still not here. It was not allowing any flights in cause of the snow. ( I swear there is no snow at all these pansy’s need to come to utah ) but I am glad I was here yesterday and got a lot of things figured out. My shower this morning was so funny haha. I forgot a towel ( luckly a girl let me borrow her extra one) the showers are clear… so you put the towel over the door unless you don’t mind being a free spirit in front of everyone. It was literally a tiny drizzle… hardly any pressure at all .. and the ceiling was leaking cold water haha. If it caves in on me.. or I get eaten by rats.. or I fall off the top bunk… know I love you all. But its all great J I love it here. I am pretty positive however, that I am going to school at Hogwarts. 12 girls in my bunk room. A common room with a fire place downstairs… creeky stairs… yup.. im in Hogwarts.

I went to peter pan tonight ! J it was amazing J they had them on pullies and ropes and then a round screen thing around the whole theater kind of like the planitarium at gateway and then a circle stage that opens and moves in all these directions. It was really cool. Everything is so stinkin expensive here I hate it. I figure if everything was cheap though London would be too perfect and i'd never come home.

Jan 10, 2010


Woke up around 5 am this morning. So bummed. I couldn’t fall back asleep so I just sat there until 7 when I got dressed ran downstairs ate breakfast cleaned the dishes grabbed my coat and was out the door by 8. It was a 40 minute walk through hyde park to the hyde park, London ward J

There are a lot of down falls to a byu study abroad such as the 7 out of my 12 roommates who are looking at wedding dresses online planning flowers and colors haha... however… I throroughly enjoyed have a group of cute girls and boys all going to church together today. I pretend I don’t like it and there really are things that bother me about the Y, but having a group of ambitious, smart, young people ( I sound like a stake president or something ) all going to church with the same standards was exciting for me J ha. I really do feel an influence collectively though on me and its refreshing. It is easier to be the person I want to be and things are working out nicely for me J I am blessed.

Anyways, I went to church today and the accents were so hard to understand. I swear I’m deaf or something cause they are speaking English but 9 times out of 10 I miss what people are saying out here. The number one thing I noticed though is the diversity is HUGE! The bishopric consisted of an Englishman, American, and Nigerian. The entire ward was so divers it was crazy. BUT…….. surprise surprise the gospel was still true and still the same . J For Sunday school the 1st counselor in the stake presidency spoke to us and we were assigned wards. I don’t know my calling yet but I have been assigned to the Stratford ward. It is the farthest ward in the hyde park stake and will take at least an hour and a half to get there on the tube.

Being here has had its hard parts. Its so much different than knowing I could call or even drive home from USU if I wanted to. The culture and all that’s going on is different plus I have no phone, no internet most times, and sleep is weird, food is weird , im still breaking out like crazy… and was told to expect gaining at least 10 lbs while here….. its just hard ha. But I love it. I have moments everyday where I am walking and looking at how different and charming everything is and I get so happy being here. The architecture is beautiful, the trees and the park right by our place… its all beautiful. I am sure my worries will soon fade away with confidence and it will be nothing but bliss J Having this experience has already started me worrying about a mission. But, I have decided that I will cross that bridge when I get there. Also knowing I would have extra help if I was serving a mission is a comforting thought.

After church I fell asleep for probably 2 hours even though I was told naps will be the ruin trying to get over jet lag. Then I went for a walk with some other kids and just walked around the streets and shops by our orphanage house ( I feel like Annie lately with all the dishes I’ve been doing) Tonight we had dinner and then a devotional discussing rules and upcoming things etc. We are going to the museum of London tomorrow and Saint Paul’s Cathedral J Another plus about BYU study abroad is their planned trips everywhere. I don’t have to worry about planning things on my own.

Jan 11, 2010


Today was incredible! We went to the London museum and to St. Pauls Cathedral. I don’t even know where to begin talking!

This morning I ate my cereal with no milk because there wasn’t any left ha and scrambled out the door with my black coat and scarf. Fun Fact. People in London are ALWAYS dressed up. I made the mistake of taking a Sunday walk in my sweats with my ski coat and I felt so stupid! Everyone was looking at me. The more I look at the fashions the more I notice, you do not go out in public in London unless you are very well dressed for the day. I feel silly even wearing my ski coat.

It is funny how in just a few short days something so confusing and scary such as the tube (train, subway … whatever you want to call it) has become so normal. I already feel so comfortable with it. Not to say I know how to get my way around completely by myself… but I wouldn’t be nervous to try haha.

The museum of London was kindof boring. The most interesting parts as I was told were under renovation.. (bummer) So for me… the history of London ended in 1550. They had us fill out this worksheet and I felt like I was a 3rd grader running around looking for the answers. I wish I could have just taken the time to look at what I thought was interesting and enjoyed it for myself. I found the information about the black plague fascinating however, they had this really disgusting creepy short film on it and I loved it ha. It is debated that over HALF of London died from the plague in 1348. Can you imagine if that happened now? The rest of the museum ( not sure im spelling that right?) I learned about London before Rome,London after Rome, London after the Saxons invaded, the middle ages etc etc etc. I saw a lot of tools they used back then, clothes they wore, typical houses of the age… kinda boring.

After the museum we split up for lunch. My friend Laura and I went to the museum café and had soup and some bread and butter that I thought was cheese haha… they had 2 huge block like circles of butter on the side of your plate that I totally thought was cheese and I picked it up and had a bite and thought… man this is some really soft really weird cheese… then… reality hit and Laura and I had a good laugh about it. As mentioned previously the English never smile and are oddly quiet in my opinion. I am always so nervous when I have giggling fits haha. Also, I am getting so mixed up with all my English coins and American coins in the same pocket holder thing…. I should have planned this out better.

St. Paul’s Cathedral… I don’t even know where to start. Beautiful? Gorgeous? Incredible? Breathtaking? … it seriously was so beautiful and so amazing. I don’t understand how they built that without crains and modern technology. We climbed the stairs to the upper level where you can whisper from one side to another and be heard because of the acoustics. We looked at all the paintings and art, and tombs and it was awesome. Fun Facts include… Princess Diana was married there ( p.s. don’t know why princess Di is such a big deal… Its like Michael Jackson…. Both are dead… lets find something new to talk about.) Churchill’s funeral was there… I learned a bunch about British soldiers that were buried there. All was very interesting and very beautiful. The very top part that overlooks the city was closed due to cold weather ( bummer again ) so I am thinking I might go back in the spring. Looking at such beautiful works of art made me want to continue an education in that field.. with so much ugliness in this world It is special to me to think about not only creating beauty now but even the idea that it lasts after you die. However.. I have also had thoughts about getting a respectable promising career seeing all the poverty etc. Basically what I’m saying is the battle to find my major is as confusing as ever.

After the tours I was exhausted. Professors have already sent out e-mails of reading they want done before classes even start ( annoying ) and I am already freaking out. I am still on kitchen crew until Friday. I do about 2 hours of dishes a day.. not exaggerating. I haven’t finished my required reading and am beat. Classes officially start tomorrow! Exciting!

Jan 12, 2010


Wow today has been a big day. I had 4 classes today. From 8:45 til 1:20 I was in class back to back to back. They look and sound HARD. Which is a bummer. I hope its not too extensive because I already feel like even if I do something every night for the time I’m here it’s still not enough. There is ALWAYS things going on. Places to see. Sights to go to. Pictures to take. Mingling with locals, plays to see etc. I feel like I will probably have depression when I back because life will not be so exciting and high paced ha.

After classes today I went for a run with Laura in Hyde park. It was so stinkin good to me I cant even explain. It is so beautiful. I wish it was fall and the trees were changing colors but even so the black bark against the grey sky and white snow is so so so pretty. It was such a moment for me. I haven’t been able to run a lot lately cause last semester was so crazy and I forgot how much I enjoy it. I Imagined pongo and perdita from the 101 dalmations walking through the park and no joke 2 seconds after that I rounded the corner to a man with a dalmation on a leash haha it was fate. There are huge ponds that are pretty much lakes cause their so big with ducks and swans and pidgeons all around it and people are just walking dogs and taking their kids and it was so magical. I found myself just smiling almost to the point of laughing I was having such a good time. Me in London, running in Hyde park, all the beauty around me J … I am blessed. Also I am thinking about dads comment in his e-mail to me about just giving the Brittish time to warm up haha and I decide to start my social experiment of saying hi and smiling to everyone because I only have 3 months for them to warm up to me J and I am happy to report that at least half smiled back. I love this country and the people more and more the longer I’m here ( I sound like a missionary ha.) I can tell its going to be hard to leave. After 40 min of running I was supposed to go back to the front gate and meet Laura again… this is where my next adventure happened.

I was so loving my life and enjoying my run I lost track of time for one… and wasn’t paying close attention to the ponds and turns I was going around. Already fifteen min. late for meeting Laura I realize I better turn around and run back. So…. Fun Fact… Hyde park is HUGE. Also it connects to like 7 other parks… Kensington Gardens and a memorial park for princess Dianna etc…. ( p.s. every gift shop has mugs with her on it and post cards , towels with her giant face on it … haha it makes me laugh inside. Is that awful?) anyways… I suddenly realize I am SUPER lost. I run to the nearest exit for a street and also realize I am now in a different area code… . Part of me starts to panic. I’m thinking “ oh my gosh… I have no phone.. no money… its cold…starting to get dark… nobody in central London knows where queens way is because nobody in central London is Brittish. (Melting pot of the world is an understatement. )” So I pray and continue running all over trying to find my way back. Meanwhile I’m thinking… Laura has to be so worried, has probably told the director and now nobody is going to be able to go out alone anymore and everyone’s going to hate me… hahaha you get the picture… I’m thoroughly worried. Then… why I realize people really are good and I still love them even though smiles are scarce is because I start asking EVERYONE if they know where palace court or queens way is. I finally find a man who points at a giant hotel completely across the park and says “ see that building?.. queens way is about half a mile down the road from that.” ( p.s. im exhausted… I’ve been running for like 2 hours now haha” so I get all the way across the park and onto the street and ask another man just in case the last guy was wrong and he starts talking to me and laughs because I am American haha. He was from New Zealand but new where queens way was. We talked and walked for a while and he was super nice to me. When I got back to the road by the byu center I can’t tell you the relief I was having.

Laura was so relieved when I got back haha. Apparently after about an hour she told Brother Shuler ( one of the resident directors ) that I had been gone for a while and I guess he casually said “ don’t worry.. she’ll turn up.” Haha. After retailing my experience to others laughing now even the teachers have said “ you have to get lost in London at least once. “ Now I’ve had my turn J

Dishes again for another 2 hours at least. We blasted music tonight though and sang ( to Aj's christmas cd. love you age.) and stuff and it was fun. I can’t wait til I’m not on dish duty anymore. More than half the center went to Wicked tonight.. I couldn’t go because I was doing dishes :( so so sucky. I am sure I will find others who will go with me another night though.

Tried to make a different play tonight with some other girls I’m friends with and we ended up just missing it… so instead we got gilatto and walked around J my friend Audrey… haha gosh… not only do we have the bad rep as being loud obnoxious Americans but imagine groups of girls on the tube together all the time… Its like high school. We are all giggling and loud and talking and having fun and pointing out hot brittish boys and being so ridiculous haha. I felt so stupid for a second but then I realized we have more fun than they do haha and I don’t care about being immature… just as I’m saying this Audrey as were walking off the tube Kisses the guy she’s sitting next to on the tube that she has been talking to for a second and all of us were like WHHHAAAAAAAT!?!?!? Hahah it was the best moment of my life haha. We all book it off the tube and laugh so hard and are thinking did that just happen?! Did she really do that? And I realize I’m proud to be an American haha.

I am getting to know more and more girls and I love it. It’s starting to feel more like home and I am already having feelings of not wanting to come back or like it’s going too fast. Isn’t that funny? Well I am going to have some late night tea in the common room now J haha. Xoxox