Friday, June 12, 2015

The Cutlers. life in the fast lane ;)


 Met 7 years ago. 

 Dated again summer 2014. 
   Fell in Love. 
    Got Engaged! 

Planned a wedding.
Bought a house.
Nursing school for Christina.
New job for Trent.

( i love him ) 

Honeymooned in Mexico. 
New semester for Christina. 
Another new job for Trent. 
Started remodeling. 



AFTER. ( almost finished! )

Got pregnant! well.... Ruby did ;)
  She had 12 babies. 

   And my gosh they were dang cute. 

And now it's summer.
We've been married 5 beautiful months. 
Life. Is. Good. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

told ya.

 Embarrassing..... it seems my life wasn't/isn't done changing haha:)

First things First.

I'm going to address the elephant in the room. yup. I am going to BYU. currently. as we speak. I am typing in my apartment in Provo. It'll be ok team...... a ute fan can still survive in enemy territory. adversity only makes you stronger right?

Why? because the U didn't feel right as I moved forward with it and BYU did. It's weird I know... but I'm excited to see what's in store here.
Profile Picture

 I almost feel like I should start watching my back after posting this blog in case any unstable BYU fans catch word that theirs a traitor among them hahaha. If I don't post in 2 weeks time.... you'll all know why.... :) jk hags rofl. is hard. Who knew? certainly not me! its been waaaaaaaay to long!

thats a pretty big update.... I'll save pictures from the mission trip and my summer tonsillectomy for later hahaha.

peace and love turtle doves

-Christina Jane

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

first blog back and don't it feel gooood to me :)

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so... lots has happened in between this time frame hahaha.


This is really awkward for me cause my life plan ended ( see above photo^ ) here haha. 

 My life now consists of 3 questions.

1.  "tell me about your mission!" or "so how was it!?" ---- My mission meant everything to me. the people in Colorado mean everything to me and I miss it every single stinkin day. It was hard but I wouldn't trade ANY of it for ANYTHING. and and... I hope my banner is still clear that I BELIEVE IN CHRIST. 

B. "how are you adjusting?"---- hahaha my favorite... well... lets be real here... its hard and weird and i feel like i'm weird but I think i'm "adjusting" well... I guess :) ha. The simple pleasures of life are so AMAZING. ex: taking a 30 min shower at **MIDNIGHT** just cause I can and wanna :) 

2. "so what are your plans?"--- so far... my plan is to make a plan ha. attending school in the fall for currently a nursing degree. we will see how long that lasts :) at the University of Utah... we will also see how long that lasts haha. anywhoo... i'm lovin it. 

welp.... its a lot different here in the 801. I'm a lot different here in the 801 but as the inspirational above quote says... " the only constant is change." and I'm gonna make mine positive. 

iLOVEyou all. 

- cj*christina jane* chris* sister gilson* ceej* gilly* g-money orrrrrrrr just plain *christina :) 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christina-isms or quotes from the field

January 2, 2012

Dear Family,

I love you all so much. I constantly think of how blessed I am to have the family that I do. I don't have much time to e-mail so I will try to do my best. Last week was pretty good :)

I fell tracting this week..... ripped my tights. and was GUSHING blood from my knee..... what hurt the most was my pride hahaha. it was so embarassing. ha. It still frustrates me how its so easy to get discouraged because its SOOOOOOOOO ineffective. BUT... I know the Lord will bless sister Akemon and I for our efforts, I'm trying to be patient, and on the positive note.... I feel more like a missionary spending so much time outside or with non members etc.

We had a neat miracle this week talking to a lady on her porch. She accepted a book of mormon and said she was going to read it and took our number.... AND her neighbors across the street are mormon so we are going to go back and have them invite her to read with them etc. Even if nothing happends it was a tender mercy. Testimony of the plan of salvation. I felt very moved and the spirit was so strong. I know she felt peace while we talked to her.

Temple jubilee was AMAZING. I saw one of my favorite elders in the whole world from my mtc district who I haven't seen since I got to the mission (over a year). We laughed so hard. It was so fun to be around everyone. We got to do 2 sessions back to back. I felt so much more at peace and recharged and excited than I have in a LONG time. Sister Akemon and I were able to have a one on one discussion with President Anderson that was so nice. He is so caring and understanding and helpful.

I love my companion. Sister Akemon is my best friend. It is going to be really really really hard when we are no longer companions. I'm sure some sort of a change will happen next transfer.

I love this ward so much. I love the people up here. I can't wait for you to come back and meet them. I had several tender mercies this week. 1. We went to ____'s patriarchal blessing on sunday. She is incredible. 2. _____ told us over dinner his faith in God was increasing. He accepted a book of mormon and he is totally changing. I can't believe the miracles that are happening with him. 3. ___ and ___ texted us this week. First time in months anyones had contact with them. PRAYER IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much to be blessed and thankful for.

I can't believe I go home this year from my mission. I still don't know anythign hahaha. I have big plans for this year before I come home. The quote I liked best from goals talking was

" you can have anything you want in this life. but you can't have everything."

It's true. I can't perfect and focus on everything. 1 thing at a time. prioritize. :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christina-isms or quotes from the field


I've had lots of good scripture studies this week and today am once again feeling at peace with how things are going. I think lots of trials and blessings are in store for the next 6 months but i'm excited for it. I had a neat experience praying this last week and I was asking Him to help me be the missionary I know he wants me to be and I had a distinct thought " what if you are being the missionary I want?" It was a tender mercy for me. The Lord seriously has blessed me so much. I love him for it. I am so thankful for my faith and the way its shaped my entire life! I am so blessed to have grown up with all that I have. It humbles me a lot to think about this.

My thanksgiving was amazing. We played football at this huge stadium with all the surrounding singles wards and a bunch of the elders. Then we went over to _____'s house. They went above and beyond. 7+ homemade pies, turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes, etc. It was incredible. It made me feel so loved to see the extent they went at to make sure we all had a good thanksgiving dinner. Now christmas is in full swing! lights EVERYWHERE! Main street looks incredible. :) I love it so much.

Love, Sister Gilson

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christina-isms or quotes from the field

Monday, August 8, 2011

We had an incredible baptism yesterday. Honestly there was not a dry eye in the audience it was so tender. I keep wondering why the Lord is blessing us so much because I feel like I am still so behind with everything but I had the realization yesterday that maybe this is happening to help me understand the atonement better. In life we bring our meager sacrifices to the table and he makes up the rest and that is what he has been doing with our ministry. He has truly been blessing us and making up the difference. I am so thankful and happy and blessed that I can't stand it! :)

I also made the connection that every one of our investigators who progressed toward baptism was because they were reading the book of mormon consistently. It was a good testimony builder to me.

Fun fact: Tomorrow is the beginning of my 6th transfer. I'm half way. That is wild.

Love, Sister Gilson

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Christina-isms or Quotes From the Field


I love sister Akemon so much too.... we get a long really well and both have a desire to work hard and learn how to be the best we can be... so although we make tons of mistakes and both don't really know what were doing ha... we laugh about it and re evaluate and move on. (Christina had been out 12 weeks and Sister Akemon had been out 6 weeks when they became companions.)

Also, a less active who has been coming back for a while now has started to meet with the bishop and is talking mission bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never imagined that part of my missionary work would be strengthening future missionaries so that they could be prepared to teach the people wherever they go! It's exciting.

I love you all.
Keep reading and praying and never never never forsake! ha. No getting apathetic about our testimonies in the Gilson family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my companion. We are learning lots, growing lots and having fun. We've had up and down days last week but it is exciting to feel like we are both getting in the groove of missionary work more.

We have been seeing HUGE miracles and success with our less active work.

I have been focusing on spiritually preparing myself better in the morning so that I am more bold and solid for people we contact out on the street and for tracting time. Sister Akemon and I also made a goal to start asking and digging deep with our members for more refferals. I have read a lot about following the spirit this week too and am hoping to be more inspired with areas to tract and what to say etc. (Note to President)

Last Saturday, Sister Akemon and I both left the car full of faith and happy attitudes and we talked to 35 people in less than a hour and a half. We got 7 phone numbers and are really excited about teaching these people... I'm going to continue pressing forward with faith in saying that atleast one of them WILL progress to baptism. If we press forward with FAITH and do our best to work hard the lord WILL lead us to people who are receptive and ready.

I have had some really neat studies in the book of mormon this week. I know the church is true. this really and literally is Christ's church. I am SO LUCKY I was born into the covanent. I still wonder why God does some things some ways... haha but i'm smart enough not to question why ha. I love the scriptures. I love the temple. I'm so excited to go this week and feel of the rejuvinating spirit there.


Things have been going well. I love my companion so much and we are still focused on bettering ourselves and trying to bring people closer to Christ.

We have a lot of appointments with less actives who are really catching fire and we committed someone to a solid baptism date this week which is REALLY exciting for us :) so ya...things are great.

We have had a lot of prayers answered this week. The biggest miracle is a ward member brought a friend to FHE who we ITL'ed (Invited to Learn) and they now have a date for the 15th. He is so golden too. He is an avid Bible reader and says he knows the book of mormon is true. I love when members do missionary work. It's a miracle :)

We live in an area of town called North Pinery ... its up in the mountains and is BEAUTIFUL. Deer and foxes are everywhere, and they get so close to you! My goal is to feed one out of my hand before i leave :) The member couple we live with are so cute. Brother ____ leaves us treats at the top of the stairs EVERY single morning. They are so darling.

Sister Akemon is amazing. I am so blessed to have her. We are besties and are so happy that we will be serving together again next transfer! She is totally rubbing off on me though... the other day whilst ( haha) tracting I caught myself saying "y'all have a good day!"..... after we walked away, we both busted up laughing cause I'm turning into a southerner.

I know that Christ atoned for everything... and I can truly pull myself out of the "funks" of life if I rely on him and put in the effort to work and sincerely dedicate myself to Him.

Some members we had dinner with last week were grilling us about why we went on missions etc. and I almost felt bad that I was on a mission and not searching to embark on the realm of marital bliss.... but then I realized that was ridiculous and I made the right decision... chasing people down in the Walmart parking lot with a pass along card is so much better than marriage :) hahahahaha..

President Pfile is giving me a Dear Jane T-shirt though... it says on the back of it "Apparently absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder." and then says "Dear Jane" on the front and its hot pink. I'm so excited hahah.


I have been surprised multiple times to find that the random person I picked to introduce myself to is the exact person we NEED to talk to. It is amazing to see how we are being led by the spirit.

Sister Akemon and I have been abundantly blessed with people to teach and work with. I feel the pressure of working extra hard and not screwing up these lessons though because we are truly being so blessed!

Dear family!
gosh ... it was so amazing to talk to you! I have already reflected on it a billion times. I miss you guys. I said it, and you can take it to the bank.

The members here are so amazing. I really love them so much. I swear I want to come home from my mission and devote my life for at least 3 months to just serving the missionaries ha. giving them rides everywhere..... feeding them, going tracting with them. I have been so overwhelmed by the goodness of the members... its unreal.

So Sunday was NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First off.... I am standing in the chapel and I turn around and my Sarah Foote is there! I honestly thought I was dreaming or something at first. It totally threw me off... I did a double take and then hugged her and sobbed into her shoulder for a quick second hahaha. It was so good to see and talk to her though. It was another tender mercy... 'cause I'll be honest this was a really really hard week for some reason.

I don't know if I have ever had a chance to tell you about ____ and____ . They are the SWEETEST elderly deaf couple that live in a family ward in our stake. I help interpret on the Sundays that we don't have P.E.C in the morning and Sister Akemon and I visit them once a week. They are so sweet and so cute. I love them so much.

i love you all so much.
so so so much.
- sister Gilson


Dear President,
Things are going amazing. The lord is blessing sister Akemon and I with so much success and we totally don't deserve it cause I feel like a screw-up most days. But I guess that is the whole point of this gospel..... We didn't deserve the atonement or any of the blessings we receive but he still loves us and did it for us even though we all fall short. It is interesting for me to understand this better as a missionary. Hopefully we will have some baptisms coming up! :)

This whole week has been a miracle. God has answered it seems every single prayer I've uttered this week. We have 2 people with a solid baptismal date.

Another miracle is we have been meeting with a less active who has now come back and is preparing to serve a mission and his lessons have boomed to this giant missionary meeting thing every Sunday night. We have all the future missionaries and some less actives come and we role play and bear testimony and it is so amazing.

I love the ward, we have lots of less actives to work with. Tracting... people are still mean. But we've been blessed with people to teach so I'm not going to even worry about that right now.

I have a testimony that the lord is preparing people all the time. I have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that there is power in the Book of Mormon. This is Christ's church. God hears and answers prayers. THANK GOODNESS!

Sister Akemon and I have 2 people with a baptismal date. One of them is getting baptized on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has already called and invited her non member friends and Aunt. She stood up to introduce herself in Relief Society (like they always do with new people) and she announced her baptism hahaha. We were so happy!

_____ remembered a Mormon friend from high school and when he got back from BYU for the summer, she asked him if she could go to church with him. We were led to her by the spirit and introduced ourselves. We found out she wasn't a member, so we offered to teach her more... We committed her to baptism on the first lesson and told her we'd need to meet with her every day ... and now she is preparing for baptism on Sunday the 22nd! We are so excited. She is a miracle.

I love you all so much.
Thanks for your example.
- Sister Gil


Things are going great! Sister Akemon and I had an amazing baptism on Sunday and it went beautifully! I love my companion and I love the ward and we have lots of work to do which is nice. Honestly there isn't anything to complain about. I've been a little sick this week... my lymph nodes were like the size of golf balls on Wednesday but I am in ship shape now :) :)

We had an AMAZING FHE put on by the ward missionary counsel. We watched " by small and simple things" a church video clip including President Eyring talking about missionary work and then a bunch of testimonies of converts and then we had the converts in our ward bear testimony on all it took was an invitation to something. I am excited to see the fruits of that in the upcoming weeks. I think our ward is really starting to get excited about missionary work.

Some of the miracles this week were watching our less actives or investigators truly feel the spirit.

On Saturday night after watching the Joseph Smith movie with her we had a little testimony meeting. She knows what she is doing is right and true. She cried. Sister Akemon cried. I cried. We all cried. It was a beautiful wet mess :)

I LOVE reading the Book of Mormon every morning. It helps me so much.

I feel such weight on my shoulders to teach these people correct principals so that future missionaries aren't meeting with my recent converts who've gone less active. I want all these people to rely on the lord as their source of strength not me as a missionary or whatever.

I love baptisms so much, but it is so hard as a missionary! I know as soon as someone has a baptismal date the investigators and the missionary get put through the wringer? ringer? I don't know. anywhoo..... Sister Akemon and I have been worked over especially on Sunday (the day of the baptism).... it's just unreal the power that Satan has. Hate that guy.

On Sunday a convert received text after text of anti material from friends (some of which were so ridiculous they were comic. One of them said " ya... and you can ONLY get married in Utah and like once you're in ... you can never get out of it... hahaha) and family members were saying she was joining a cult etc. It hurt my feelings so bad. Honestly I don't understand how people can be so ignorant. The world is so wicked. I know that sounds so grandma-ish but it really is. Utah is SUCH a bubble and I never realized it. You think I would have found out when I lived in London but I still was surrounded by members then. I know prayer is real and we need all the prayers we can get. These people sending the text messages just don't understand.

love love love
-Sister Gilson